14-17 October: Gilardoni at the Medicale fair

After a four-year absence due to Covid and last year’s hurricane in Orlando, we returned to the AABB annual meeting in Nashville.

It was definitely an important opportunity to meet the reference partners of the American market and finally present our Radgil 2 US, an X-ray emitter that can be used for the prevention of TA-gvhd (Transfusion – Associated Graft versus Host Disease).
RADGIL2 US is the most modern and safe alternative to the most classic but dangerous radiators with nuclear source (Cs137).

Gilardoni all'incontro annuale dell'AABB a Nashville per presentare il RADGIL2 US
Gilardoni presenta il RADGIL2 US

Our stand was very appreciated thanks to the possibility to see and test the functionality of the machine.

Attending these events is undoubtedly an opportunity to forge new partnerships and strengthen our relationships with customers and users of these equipment.

We can conclude by saying that our attendance at the congress was extremely positive and rewarding.

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