Gilardoni, leader for Xray systems for Hand and Hold luggage control is pleased to announce a partnership with MultiX, the world leader in spectrometric x-ray detection for airport security and non-destructive testing. Our already ECAC approved LEDS and EDS CB C1 software experience will be the base to improve MultiX innovative multi-spectral x-ray detectors and proprietary algorithms and to co-develop new software for material threat detection. Our objective is to increase the offer in the security scanners market. We will combine the expertise that we have in the field of x-ray scanners with the benefits of this partnership to address the European certification in Explosive Detection Systems (EU EDS CB C2). The target of this collaboration is to market an alternative offer to rotating gantry scanners at a comparable level of performance and at a lower level of ownership cost.

About MultiX S.A:
MultiX, a market leader in spectroscopic x-ray imaging for airport security and non-destructive testing applications, provides its integrator clients with detection subsystems that allow for: (1) efficient baggage security checks, (2) reduced operating costs for airports and (3) passenger comfort, making it possible in particular for liquids to be carried during air travel. In the non-destructive testing sector, these subsystems allow for improved discrimination between unwanted objects in the food processing industry.

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