Saturday morning “Gilardoni” realized its first “Family day”, a special event in which the company opened its doors to the families of employees and collaborators. It was a beautiful day, which saw a great participation. 

For our Gil Men it was definitely a different day! The children have finally seen where mom or dad work, show their offices, meeting rooms and get to know their colleagues.  All the family members got to see what we do, how we do it and why we do it…making the little ones participate was something wonderful.

To see in their little eyes that wonder and wonder that only they can transmit. All curious to learn how the magical world of x-rays and ultrasound works. Starting from the construction of a tube up to how you control the axle of a train or how our luggage is scanned before a flight!

Family Day Gilardoni

The real value of a company are people, without them there would be no company!

Family Day Gilardoni

Gilardoni is made up of people who work together, it is fueled by passion, determination, courage, countless ideas that our Gil men share every day to progress together towards a single goal! 

As we know, those who work in the company spend almost all their day at work, in places and spaces that our loved ones do not know. Bringing our families and making known the spaces where we work means connecting two parallel worlds that coexist in each of us. Being there for at least one day can make a difference, the sensations and the results are certainly positive both for the company and for the worker and his family!

Gilardoni is also this!!!

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