Gilardoni on Forbes: October 2022 Magazine

Gilardoni on Forbes

On the second week of October, Gilardoni and other 99 Italian companies with a turnover of less than 250,000 million euro were awarded by Kon Group and Credit Suisse, partnered with Forbes, for achieving the “highest ratings in the ESG sphere”. This rating was provided by Altis Università Cattolica di Milano and by Reprisk.
The acronym ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance. This indicates the three macro aspects on which the companies who choose to follow this protocol intend to focus on, guaranteeing compliance with certain international measures and setting goals to be achieved in the medium and long term.
Respect for the environment, social welfare and optimal business management processes are the goals on which many realities want to concentrate in order to build an innovative future, but that is also connected with the ecosystem, without giving up profit.

Sustainability Award - top 100
Sustainability Award: Gilardoni

This award recognizes Gilardoni for its strong determination in pursuing sustainability since its foundation.
In this regard, since 2021 the company has started to draw up the NFD (Non-Financial Document), to report of commitments in the ESG sphere that the company carries out. The document, which to date is not compulsory, is aimed at measure through specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Gilardoni’s ability to generate value while adopting sustainable choices.

Covid-19, the war, the energy and raw material crisis are certainly current and important topics to keep in mind. Despite the difficulties, Gilardoni has once again proved to be an attentive and respectful company towards ESG issues, maintaining them as primary in the implementation of its strategic and production choices – aware that this attention is not only a cost but, in the medium and long term, a benefit for both the community and the company itself.
President Marco Taccani Gilardoni:
“We gladly took part in this contest because we are certain that being able to transmit awareness to more and more companies will lead to greater awareness in the industrial sector”.

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