​Even during this difficult period of pandemic, Gilardoni technology is meeting existing needs with an eye, as always, towards the future.

Ozygil is a new product designed and built to sanitize objects in a quick (just seconds) and effective manner. Realized by transforming the structure of an x-ray apparatus, Ozygil takes inspiration from security scanners (like the ones used for luggage at airports) and transports objects on a conveyor belt that enters and exits a “chamber” in which the air is ionized and the object sanitized. Tests on the efficiency and effectiveness of this innovative equipment were conducted with the collaboration of San Raffaele University in Milan, which revealed that up to 99.99% of pathogenic agents, including the Coronavirus, were eliminated. This renders this new targeted Gilardoni technology an outstanding barrier against viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to its unique characteristics and modern design, Ozygil is versatile and can be utilized in various environments: airports, courtrooms, stadiums, embassies, prisons, hospitals, stores and supermarkets.

Our objective? What has always driven Gilardoni endeavors: improving people’s lives.

Ozygil: Coronavirus Sanitization

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