Lean Services 4.0, a new project dedicated to improving technical assistance for clients - Gilardoni

The prize was presented in October at the CMC International Conference of Management Consultants 

Gilardoni and its engineering consultant Livio Lavello from ll-consulting, received the Constantinus Award for the best Italian project with its Lean Services 4.0, a new project dedicated to improving technical assistance for clients. It was among the top 10 projects internationally out of 150 candidates from 33 countries around the world. Gilardoni is a business leader in medical radiology equipment, security and anti-terrorism devices, and non-destructive testing equipment for various industries.

Presented in Milan at the 6th CMC International Conference of Management Consultants entitled “Building a Sustainable World”, the gathering brought together the most qualified international consultants and took place last month under the direction of the Associazione Professionale Italiana Consulenti di Management (APCO) on the occasion of the association’s 50th anniversary.

Lean Services 4.0, which was designed in collaboration with engineer Livio Lavelli’s ll-consulting, introduces an innovative solution for improving service efficiency with the added value of using the most advanced technology and offering innovative solutions.

Building a software platform for the Lean management of technical support, currently in the implementation process, will allow for simplified planning and inspection of management activities, for clients as well, through the most innovative technology: from mobile devices to Cloud integration, taking advantage of augmented reality devices and Internet interconnection, resulting in an efficient management of replacement part requests while offering clients prognostic support that is based on Big Data analysis.

The new on-cloud-web platform, which characterises the Lean Service 4.0 project, uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to integrate equipment and devices in a manner that optimises interaction with clients and results in more efficient and timely assistance, service and back office support, with all those aspects linked together.

“We are very proud of the award that we’ve received,” affirms Gilardoni CEO Marco Taccani Gilardoni. “In fact, among our objectives is to be innovative not just by developing our products and processes, but also with relation to our clients. Lean Service 4.0, which we are gradually implementing and will continually develop over time, helps us work more closely with our clients, and take care of them in increasingly efficient ways using new technology.”

“Our desire,” continues Gilardoni, “is to be a true partner and problem solver, as well as the supplier of those technologically advanced products which have permitted us to establish ourselves in the marketplace.

By increasing client satisfaction with high valued-added services, we are clearly moving toward a higher level of customer loyalty.”

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