The Assocompositi Conference was held on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 January 2020 at the Politecnico di Milano. Gilardoni attended as a “Gold Sponsor” taking part in lectures, demonstrations, memoirs and setting up a stand.

During these two days, the Gilardoni team was able to attend interesting lessons mainly concerning the theme of composite materials and the application of Non-Destructive Testing to them.
However, it was not just an opportunity to increase our knowledge (specific and market techniques). In fact Gilardoni has organized a demo of the new RDG5000 ultrasound detector in traditional multi-channel function.
RDG5000 is still a prototype and its features have not yet been developed in their entirety, but it already has excellent feedback from the market and potential customers, very interested in particular in that the instrument is comfortably portable. RDG5000 in fact, in addition to having a full-touch screen, is designed with a low weight and a comfortable handle suitable for carrying by hand.

The location of the conference, building 6 of the Politecnico di Milano, was certainly appreciated by all present.
Participating in these events within a prestigious university reminds us that Non-Destructive Testing is increasingly present in manufacturing processes and in general in the current market. But above all, it makes us aware that in the future it will be increasingly important to give priority to safety, precision, growth and research.
These have always been the principles on which our company is based and which Gilardoni wants to look at during the development of each future project.

Ultrasound detector RDG5000 Gilardoni
Non destructive testing lectures - Assocompositi Conference Milan 2020
Non destructive testing: lectures Assocompositi Conference Milan 2020
Gilardoni Stand Assocompositi Conference 2020 - Non destructive testing
Gilardoni Staff Non destructive testing: Assocompositi Conference Milan 2020
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