As of this spring, Gilardoni’s new industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanner will become operational at the destructive testing labs and CND MotivexLab in Avigliana, Province of Turin.

A first in Italy, the 450 kV CT scanner, which is produced by Gilardoni, permits both frontal and overhead loading of samples with a maximum weight of 500 kg and a diameter of up to 700x1200mm.


  • Reverse Engineering: it is possible to scan a sample without prior information and extract a CAD model.
  • Failure Analysis: permits actually entering inside the object. The 3D scan allows for an analysis of every plane and axis, without damaging the sample in any way.
  • Dimensional Analyses: measures all the proportions of interest, internally and externally, even with the most complex geometry
  • Quality Control: detects inconsistencies, punctures, cracks and other defects.

The analysis software will examine all the data automatically. As a result, the client will not only receive the point cloud image but also a complete and comprehensive report. 

Technical features:

  • 450 kV tomography cabin
  • 16” 16-bit per 100 micron flat panel
  • Automatic axes movement system
  • Maximum diameter 700×1200 mm
  • Analysis samples up to 500 kg
  • Dual monitor control panel
  • Workstation with Computed Tomography software
  • Report delivery in 24 hours

Tomography for quality control, creating prototypes rapidly, reverse engineering

Avigliana’s MotivexLab industrial CT scanner is equipped with a dual monitor control panel: the first one is smaller and illustrates the system management programme; the second is for visualising the image and the analysis programme.

The panel is near the loading door and can be moved easily. A keyboard and trackball are on the console, a protected USB connection allows for rapid data transfer.

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