They are indispensible for airport safety but also guarantee meticulous screening in non-aviation environments like embassies, government buildings, prisons and stadiums.

GILARDONI’s X-ray machines for carry-on luggage checks are the ideal instrument for safety and antiterrorism inspection and are continually achieving higher standards.

FEP ME, the company’s flagship product for carry-on luggage screening, which has consolidated this area of specialisation, is the main protagonist of a video clip now available on GILARDONI’s YouTube channel.

GILARDONI clients, sector professionals and, why not, the simply curious, can also follow luggage while it moves along the conveyor belt or discover how post processing, that advanced digital modifying and image improvement system that helps professionals understand luggage content, works.


Carry-on baggage security inspection as seen in video clips.
That is: how GILARDONI’s x-ray machines contribute to guaranteeing security

FepMe for airport security screening: baggage moves along the conveyor belt until it arrives at the scanner, which screens the objects while the inspector monitors the content.

The inspector analyses the x-ray images to find objects that are prohibited or potentially dangerous.

Post processing is a digital system that modifies and improves the image so inspectors can determine baggage content.

Baggage moves along the conveyor belt as you have seen at the airport.

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