With the selection of Art-Gil tools dedicated to radiology and ultrasound analyses specifically for authentication and restoration of works of art, GILARDONI is at the service of art and offers custom-made support to respond to the specific needs of individual projects.

In the Non-Destructive Testing Division – as a leader in the study and development of technology for non-destructive testing to increase the productivity, quality and safety of the product alongside the Medical and Security Division – the Mandello del Lario-based company has proven to be an excellent partner, in this case for analysing art and cultural heritage, allowing for the realisation of x-ray and ultrasound testing on works of art: from paintings to statues and from ceramics to musical instruments.

Thanks to the technology developed by GILARDONI, important examples of Italian and international artistic patrimonies have been examined while preserving the objects’ integrity even in the most delicate cases.

An example is the x-ray testing carried out on the precious “Ritratto di giovane donna” [Portait of a Young Woman] by Pollaiolo which was executed with a dedicated x-ray machine, as well as the analysis carried out for the Granducale del Conservatorio Cherubini Collection or the radiographic process conducted at the National Museum of Musical Instruments.

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