Gilardoni, in the late 80s’ designs, together with the collaboration of the “Army Health Command”, an autonomous, super-light mobile radiological unit, called ARMY-GIL (Italian Gilardoni Mobile Radiological Apparatus). It consists of a RADIOLOGICAL Section and a “dedicated” Section for FILM TREATMENT. 

It is well known that in the military field it is essential to make quick decisions based on precise information, which can only be obtained if you have the appropriate instruments. The diagnostic approach must be simplified and comprehensive at the same time. Instrumentation must easily ensure operations, even in difficult conditions.

armygil unità portatile a raggi x per l'esercito

Radiological unit for military field hospitals

The fully detachable mobile X-ray unit specifically designed for use in military field hospitals and in any emergency situation ensures complete X-ray and X-ray documentation. 

It was specially designed to withstand external temperatures and very high humidity rates, to be used even on uneven soils and in difficult operating and climatic conditions. The system is assembled in a short time, without instrumental aids, in fact it is totally decomposable and can be stored in several easily transportable metal cases.

After 35 years, it is still used and maintained annually at our centre.

armygil unità portatile a raggi x per l'esercito

Photo of the Army-Gil during a maintenance phase carried out at our laboratories

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