Celebrating 75 years of age in good health is a great achievement for a person, even though nowadays, especially thanks to the progress made in healthcare, it is not so unusual. To be able to remember a ‘legal person’ who has reached the age of 75 is quite rare.
Let’s imagine, for example, the ‘historic shops’ in our cities, which hand down the original recipes from generation to generation; they often reach this milestone by receiving official recognition from the relevant authorities.

Gilardoni has been recognised by the Minister of Economic Development as a “historic brand”

so as to represent our home and our family, for some of us for four generations.
This success may help us to reflect on how and why we have come so far and how we could improve.
It is certainly difficult to live and survive in a high-tech sector such as the one we operate in, but I am convinced that there are a number of factors, as well as a bit of luck, that can help.

The “theory of evolution” explains us that the process of selection of the least “competitive” is a natural event, this also happens in business. In the industrial market, competitiveness is determined not only by economic strength, but above all by scientific preparation and attention to the customer.
Our lifeblood has always been focused on scientific research and the aim of creating systems that protect society and control the most sophisticated artifacts created by human ingenuity.
We have been able to update technologies based on our customer’s needs thanks to a vertical integration chain based on the two main applications in which we operate. Furthermore, we maintain continuos scientific exchange with Universities and Research Centers.

Marco Taccani Gilardoni, CEO Gilardoni S.p.a.

Streamlined process, rapid decision-making and implementation of the same are the basic concepts of our team work. We don’t look for shortcuts but we maintain an ethic that today businessman call ESG (Enviromental, Social and Governance); it has always been a pillar of our action, in the respect and mutual esteem that we have towards all stakeholders. We try to choose and train our collaborators with care, the same care with which we solve the challenges our customers pose to us.
We are a company born from the will of an Engineer to “build” a tradition based on sharing, despite fluctuating moments (as can happen in all families) we have never abandoned the road that Engineer Gilardoni taught us. For us, this means collaborating with the local and scientific community, with market needs, and above all following and talking with the youngest because they are the real future.

Not only that, after 75 years we are continuing to patent new technologies that are the result of the passion of our research teams, resuming the path of “shared training”.

We will soon create the “Gilardoni Foundation” which will have the purpose of identifying innovative ideas and helping young talents to realize their dreams.

The best part of all this remains to celebrate the joy of continuing to be recognized as a humane, friendly and caring company for all those who have always been alongside us, for a few days… or who will be.
I can only conclude by saying that the Gilardoni family is cohesive in maintaining these values.

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