SGM60 Prospettiva Fronte

SGM 60

SGM60 is the new multi-channel system Gilardoni, configured to make available a number of channels and gates adapted to the need of control. This ultrasonic electronics is comply according to EN 22232-1.

Main Specifications

  • Up to 6 channels per board (Multiplexed)
  • Compact System (1U 19’’, 22cm depth, 2.1kg)
  • Scalable system up to 5 unit (30 channels)
  • Recording all acquired A-Scan up to 20kHz (per board)
  • Double encoder connections
  • High speed data transmission via USB 3.0
  • Low power consumption 12W per board.
  • EN22232-1 Comply

Transmitter Specification

  • Bipolar/unipolar square wave up to 400Vpp, 1V step and active damping
  • Frerquency range 0.5MHz – 20MHz
  • Multi-burst up to 8 consecutive burst
  • Rise time 10ns
  • PRF (Pulse repetition frequency) max 20kHz per board (3.333kHz per channel)

Receiver Specification

  • Gain range 0 – 80dB, 0.1dB step
  • Not calibrated attenuators -20dB, -40dB
  • Digitalization: 16bit @200Msps
  • Hardware filters: (0.5-2)MHz, (1-4)MHz, (3-7)MHz, (6-14)MHz, Wide
  • Supported technique: Single probe, dual crystal and through transmission
  • Video Filter and Threshold
  • Noise Level: <20nV/Hz^0.5

Other Specifications


  • 4 independent gates (1 for interface echo) for each channel
  • Reading mode: leading edge, peak, falling edge
  • Resolution path 10ns
  • Event filter 1 – 16

TGC (Time Gain Compensation)

  • Up to 256 points
  • Gain 2 at the end of TGC area

Services outs (per unit)

  • 24 digital outs fully configurable
  • 6 analog outs fully configurable (time or amplitude dependence)


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