AION is a series of X-ray generators designed for use in the industrial field for the inspection different types of components. The innovative high-performance X-ray system and a solid structure make these components ideal for integration into a wide variety of control systems. With different configurations of both power and X-ray output dimensions, AION can be easily integrated into existing projects. High frequency and the ability to work at constant power make AION appropriate for use in X-ray cabinets, automated systems, and much more.


  • Small focal spot for high nominal power
  • No high voltage cables necessary
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight (in relation to shielding)
  • Serial interface for PC
  • Large X-ray beam (cone or fan) suitable for most applications
  • Completely shielded (Aion90 only)


  • Ideal for use with linear array detectors and for high-speed applications
  • Inspection for food processing and packaging
  • Security inspection systems
  • Casting inspection of light alloys and steel
  • Inspection of many different kinds of products and components


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