RADGIL2 – XRay Irradiator

RADGIL2 is an X-RAY irradiator specifically designed to prevent Transfusion Associated- Graft versus Host Disease (TA-GvHD), a rare but often fatal reaction caused by the donors’ Lymphocytes-T when grafted into a recipient with a transfused blood product. RADGIL2 is an effective, modern and safer alternative to the irradiators based on a nuclear source such as Caesium137.
RADGIL2 is safe, easy to use and fast. Because the dose of ionizing radiation generated by the RADGIL2 can be easily adjusted, the machine can also be used for several research applications such as for the irradiation of:

  • Cells and Tissues
  • Bone marrow ablation on lab animals
  • Other generic applications for research purposes
Available Radgil2 – US (FDA 510k) for US&Canadian Markets


  • In the emo configuration it can treat up to 6 bags containing each 300ml of blood components
  • It can deliver 7Gy/min on a volume of 1800ml
  • It is equipped with a rotating basket to guarantee best dose homogeneity
  • A dose of 30 Gray requires about 5 minutes
  • In the non-emo configuration the X-ray source is adjustable in two positions, high and low, to optimize the irradiation area

X-ray Blood Irradiation is the recognized and safe method for TA-GVHD prevention

RADGIL2 may also be utilised in research related to irradiating cells, tissues and culture media

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