Canon is the undisputed leader in the digital imaging market. The Japanese multinational has chosen Gilardoni for exclusive distribution of its detectors in Italy. The decision was based on the company’s widespread presence throughout the country and the high level of skill of its technical personnel.
The new Canon CXDI Wireless Flat Panels have been designed to revolutionize the world of digital diagnostics. Extremely practical and flexible, the devices preserve and improve the the acquired image performance.

This product is subject to export limitations in some countries.


  • Speed of installation and use thanks to the autostart function
  • Stable calibration over time (approximately once a year, saving time and resources)
  • Image sharpness (resolution and contrast techniques produce the best image quality on the market)
  • Customizable software (different operators can program and save their own display parameters)
  • Ergonomics (the detectors are the lightest on the market, with transport aids on all sides, superior comfort for operators and patients alike)

The new CXDI Wireless line is simple to use, fast and effective.
Through the implementation of 410/710/810 CW detectors traditional diagnostic rooms and analog portable equipment can be upgraded to the latest generation of digital technology IN 2 MINUTES.


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