The CALEIDON EVO radiological units are particularly well suited for RX exams in departments such as ICU, ER and neonatology.

All units are controlled by a touch-screen console for kV, mA, mSec or mAs adjust­ment.

The DR model is supplied with a Wi-Fi flat panel detector, and on-board computer equipped with FIXRAD software for image handling and radiological settings adjustments.


  • Available in both analog and digital versions
  • Digital version is equipped with FIXRAD digital SW for RAD detectors and Flat Panel VAREX 4336cm, Wi-Fi
  • Available with lifting arm or also rotating
  • Pivoting wheels for easy turning
  • Balanced monoblock arm with handles and clutches
  • Back handle with pressure brake for easy positioning
  • Monoblock with graduated bubble level
  • Colour touch-screen console for X-ray parameters (analog versions)
  • Collimator with laser pointer
  • X-ray START button with double safety click and extension cable
  • Back pocket for flat panel and paper storage
  • Power requirements: 230VAC or battery (BATTERY model)
  • Dimensions in “moving” position 63.7L x 137D x 151.5Hcm
  • Monoblock rotation 360° on its shaft
  • Collimator rotation +/- 90° relative to monoblock
  • Maximum to minimum focal distance to skin from 210 to 38cm
  • Generator working frequency 40 ÷ 100kHz
  • Generator ripple <3%


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