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GILARDONI is leading manufacturer of X-ray blood irradiators for the prevention of the TA-GvHD, a rare but often fatal disease associated to the transfusion of blood products. Moreover, due to our historical experience in radiology, we provide for a wide range of components and parts for use by others x-ray industries.



The history of Gilardoni has its roots in medical radiology, where it has gained an important role with thousands of systems sold all over the world. More recently, following the changed conditions of the radiology market, the management has turned to other X-ray products, more specific and complex to produce but within the expertise of the company acquired by 75 years of experience. The blood component irradiators represent the most important example of a breakthrough, being some high-precision medical devices working at high power (up to 4000W) and for clinical use.

Research and development

Since its origins, Gilardoni has set itself the goal of placing at the highest technological levels in the X-ray sector, focusing on quality and people, both key elements in being able to meet the customer needs. With such policy in mind, the medical division has been equipped with five internal R&D resources, dedicated to the design and development of medical devices.


GILARDONI can customize his irradiators according to the customer’s needs. For example, it is possible to obtain a high-energy beam with a dose uniformity better than +/- 2.0%. All that it is possible thanks to a team of experts available to satisfy the customers need.

Company Certification

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Last news

Gilardoni al AABB Nashville

Gilardoni at the AABB in Nashville to present the Radgil 2 US

14-17 October: Gilardoni at the Medicale fair After a four-year absence due to Covid and last year’s hurricane in Orlando, we returned to the AABB annual meeting in Nashville. It was definitely an important opportunity to meet the reference partners of the American...
Premio Gilardoni

X-ray IMAGING Workshop 2023 – The Gilardoni Award

La nuova gamma di monoblocchi a Raggi-X Strale sta per essere lanciata sul mercato. Questa nuova linea di prodotti sarà capace di portare innovazione e tecnologia, pur restando salda sui principi fondamentali di Gilardoni: qualità, made in Italy e stato dell’arte.

armygil unità portatile a raggi x per l'esercito

ARMY GIL: mobile radiological unit (1987/88)

It was specially designed to withstand external temperatures and very high humidity rates, to be used even on uneven soils and in difficult operating and climatic conditions.

Gilardoni: more and more sustainable

Gilardoni: more and more sustainable

It seemed important to adhere to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, to give substance to issues in which we believe we pursue daily in our work, starting from research to the finished product.

Intervista a Marco Taccani e Davide Baratto - Gilardoni

Gilardoni: next step!

Siamo da sempre in prima linea per ricerca e sviluppo. Per quest’anno abbiamo in programma tantissimi eventi, per far risplendere Gilardoni nel suo 75° anniversario!

Gilardoni 75° anniversario

Gilardoni 75th anniversary

After 75 years we are continuing to patent new technologies that are the result of the passion of our research teams, resuming the path of “shared training”.

Radgil2 US x-ray blood irradiator

Gilardoni’s Radgil2 has obtained 510k approval by US regulatory authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Medical radiology: Gilardoni makes his technology available in the battle against Covid-19

In a moment of serious medical emergency for our country Gilardoni makes his technology available in the field of medical radiology.

X-ray irradiator“Radgil 2” increasingly in demand: Dubai Medlab

Also for 2020 Gilardoni SpA did not miss the appointment with Medlab Middle East, a historic event staged in Dubai in early February. Gilardoni proposed one of his flagship equipment, the Radgil2, an X-ray radiator.

X-ray irradiator: Radgil2 at the congress of the American Association of Blood Bankers in San Antonio, Texas (USA)

The Radgil2 x-ray irradiator continues its journey for the second consecutive year at the annual AABB congress in Texas.

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