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Medical radiology


Research, production, sales and after-sales services
of a wide range of imaging equipment.
The historical experience in the sector has also allowed the recent development
of radiological systems for the treatment of blood and blood derivatives.



Gilardoni’s history has its roots in the medical field where it has won a leading role both nationally and internationally. The Gilardoni brand, through continuous research towards product innovation and the high level of specialization of its technicians, is associated with quality service and products. Today the company is able to provide, in collaboration with international companies of undisputed level such as CANON EUROPE and SEDECAL, a complete range of products including RADGIL 2, a unique X-ay irradiator, digital multifunctional rooms and portable equipment, both traditional and equipped with digital detectors.


Since its origins, Gilardoni focused on positioning itself at the highest technological levels in the medical radiology sector by concentrating both on quality devices, and investing in people in order to ensure constant innovation and effective technical assistance. In 70 years of business Gilardoni has installed thousands of radiological systems in a rapidly evolving sector where competition is increasingly fierce.


Gilardoni is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the specific certificate for medical devices, certified.
More information: Quality and recognition Gilardoni

Gilardoni is a brand internationally recognized as a manufacturer of quality X-ray equipment. Throughout its history Gilardoni has been able to drive the market by designing, manufacturing and installing innovative and practical machines, adapting to the needs of direct digital diagnostics and developing the ability to integrate these systems with its machineries.
The experience in the RX diagnostics has made Gilardoni the undisputed market leader in the field of blood and blood products treatment using of RX technology.


Gilardoni, with a highly skilled research and development team and with the extensive experience gained in the field alongside medical operators, offers, in addition to standard systems, design and implementation of individually customized solutions and constant product updates.

Last news

The Radgil2 Irradiator - Gilardoni

Radgil2 is launching in the USA

Gilardoni’s Radgil2 has obtained 510k approval by US regulatory authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Medical radiology: Gilardoni makes his technology available in the battle against Covid-19

In a moment of serious medical emergency for our country Gilardoni makes his technology available in the field of medical radiology.

X-ray irradiator“Radgil 2” increasingly in demand: Dubai Medlab

Also for 2020 Gilardoni SpA did not miss the appointment with Medlab Middle East, a historic event staged in Dubai in early February. Gilardoni proposed one of his flagship equipment, the Radgil2, an X-ray radiator.

Irradiazione a raggi X: Radgil2 Gilardoni

X-ray irradiator: Radgil2 at the congress of the American Association of Blood Bankers in San Antonio, Texas (USA)

The Radgil2 x-ray irradiator continues its journey for the second consecutive year at the annual AABB congress in Texas.

Irradiatore a raggi X Radgil2 di Gilardoni al congresso ISBT

Gilardoni’s Radgil2 x-ray blood irradiator is a key player at the ISBT Congress

Gilardoni increases its presence at major international congresses in the blood transfusion sector with the Radgil2 medical x-ray irradiator

Radgil2 X-ray irradiator to prevent TA-GvHD - Gilardoni MEDLAB Dubai

Gilardoni attends Dubai’s Medlab with the Radgil2

L’irradiatore a Raggi X per il campo medicale Radgil2 è stato fra i protagonisti della recente edizione di Medlab Middle East, storico appuntamento dedicato al settore che si è tenuto nei giorni scorsi a Dubai.

The Radgil2 Irradiator - Gilardoni

The Radgil2 X-ray Irradiator: A Year Travelling the World

The year 2018 was an important one for the international trade growth of the Radgil2, Gilardoni’s medical x-ray irradiator, which was presented at all the major sector-related events globally.

Arturo Gilardoni, fondatore dell'azienda leader nei settori medicale, sicurezza e cnd - raggi x e ultrasuoni

X-rays for Medicine: An “Ortogil” from 1947 goes to the Salento History of Medicine Museum

Medical radiology with advanced imaging equipment from long-ago 1947, the “Orogil” one of the first examples of mobile diagnostic equipment for imaging

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