We have been imaging the future for more that 70 years

Gilardoni was founded in 1947 by Dr. Ing. Arturo Gilardoni with a commitment to research, quality and innovation. The company’s research laboratories are recognized as “Highly Qualified” by special Italian Ministerial Decree.

Today Dr. Ing. Arturo Gilardoni’s vision has created a company that is among the leading manufacturers of X-ray and ultrasound equipment in three different sectors: Medical, Security and Non Destructive Testing (NDT). Gilardoni’s focus, both on the domestic and international market, is on the excellence of its products and the reliable support of its clients.

The radiology market for medical, security and industry is defined by hight scientific and technical content, continuous innovation and rapid evolution. The constant need for cost containment spurs manufacturers towards ever more efficient systems. Gilardoni’s approaches this on tow levels:

  • Rethinking the production process with the adoption of innovative materials and technologies to lower products’ costs while increasing quality and reliability
  • Enhancing equipment performance for diagnostic accuracy and functional efficiency thus reducing operating time and increasing productivity

Italian Scientific Industry

Following this approach and with its base as a scientific industry rooted in R&D, Gilardoni has achieved a leading position in the industry. With experienced engineers, physicists and chemists, Gilardoni covers the entire research spectrum from basic development to complex systems integration. Gilardoni’s close collaboration with the most prestigious university in Italy and worldwide and regular participation in specialized international conferences guarantee our technicians access to the most innovative technology.

Scientific-technical assistance

With highly innovative products a highly collaborative relationship between client and manufacturer is essential. Scientific and technical partnering and coaching both in terms of skilled technical and scientific support (education, consulting, training, system customization and updating, etc.) on the part of the manufacturer is becoming increasingly important and Gilardoni, with its emphasis on science and technology is prepared to deliver on the highest level.

Much more than a Made in Italy

Italian passion. Hand-crafted quality.


ISO 9001 e ISO 13485  Highly qualified research laboratories

Safety and Security

Thanks to the quality we grant on goods, health and people.


After-sale service, giving full support to customers in Italy and abroad

Proficiency and reputation

Important cooperation partnership with Politecnico Milano, Durham University, etc.


More than the 25% of the R&D personnel owns international patents.


100%  of electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels.

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