Gilardoni Calendar 2022

calendario 2022 gilardoni

The 2022 Gilardoni calendar is an invitation to dream.
After difficult times we feel the need to free our imagination and open our minds once
again to the possibility of travel, even if just in our dreams. X-rays of bags and suitcases
filled with objects and memories, paired with photographs of enchanting places,
suggest the joy and exhilaration of discovering new horizons.
All X-rays were created with Gilardoni equipment.

Ideazione & Design / Concept & Design:
Gregg Baker & Silvia Taccani, B Studio, New York
Fotografie / Photographs: Gregg Baker, Silvia Taccani
Luna / Moon: Courtesy NASA

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calendario 2022 gilardoni
calendario 2022 gilardoni
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