Gilardoni Calendar 2024

calendario 2022 gilardoni
A futuristic journey in three dimensions is the theme for the 2024 Gilardoni Calendar.
Here fantasy is based on the reality of innovative tomographic equipment capable of creating three-dimensional radiographic images.
In this case the very components of these forward looking systems themselves are transformed into fantastic objects in an imaginary space.
All X-rays were created with Gilardoni equipment.

Ideazione & Design / Concept & Design:
Gregg Baker, B Studio, New York
Fotografie / Photographs: Gregg Baker
Produzione / Production: Silvia Taccani, B Studio
Coordinazione Stampa / Printing Management: B Studio
Stampa / Printing: Grafiche Cola, Lecco (LC), Italy

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calendario 2022 gilardoni
calendario 2022 gilardoni
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