X-ray and Ultrasounds

Imaging the future since 1947

Gilardoni was founded in 1947 by a courageous initiative of Dr. Ing. Arturo Gilardoni, based on quality and dedicated to innovation in the field of X-ray tubes; its research laboratories are recognized as highly qualified.

Automatic airport logistics system …DISCOVER IT!

The new generation of X-ray generators …DISCOVER IT!

IMAGING the future since 1947

The passion of scientists, the practicality of craftsmen, the Italian style and technology.

Arturo Gilardoni, Fondatore e inventore della Gilardoni S.p.A.

Last news

MiNiGiL – X-ray beating heart

MiNiGiL – X-ray beating heart

Gilardoni presents the new MiNiGiL X-ray tube. The tube, the beating heart of every source or X-ray machine, with a focal spot of 0.2, meets the need for increasingly defined images. Integrable into your monoblocks, it is particularly suitable for long exposure...

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Gilardoni at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

Gilardoni at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024

We are delighted to share Gilardoni’s success at Passenger Terminal Expo 2024, the industry benchmark event that sets trends and presents innovative solutions that are evolving the passenger experience and airport efficiency worldwide.

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Vision beyond boundaries

A network of highly qualified and specialized technicians ensures efficient and reliable interventions for Gilardoni equipment worldwide. Preventive maintenance plans and assistance contracts are tailored to meet all customer needs. Gilardoni sends spare parts, accessories and consumables daily to its customers throughout the world, ensuring a precise and widespread service.

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