X-ray and Ultrasounds

Imaging the future since 1947

Gilardoni was founded in 1947 by a courageous initiative of Dr. Ing. Arturo Gilardoni, based on quality and dedicated to innovation in the field of X-ray tubes; its research laboratories are recognized as highly qualified.

IMAGING the future since 1947

The passion of scientists, the practicality of craftsmen, the Italian style and technology.

Arturo Gilardoni, Fondatore e inventore della Gilardoni S.p.A.

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Medical Division

X-ray blood irradiators and for biological specimens; bed side radiology device; x-ray parts for industries such as monoblocks for C arms, HF generators, grids.


Security division

Gilardoni offers a complete line of equipment for security checks both for the airport market, with systems designed in accordance with the latest and most stringent European and American regulations (EDS and LEDS), and the non-aviation market, now focused on equipment aimed at anti Terrorism.
Gilardoni offers both X-ray systems (hand and hold baggage control),  and complementary systems, such as body scanners for people screening and detectors of traces of narcotics and explosives.


Non-destructive testing

Gilardoni’s NDT solutions are aimed at production, operating and quality control applications for the automotive, aerospace, railway, food and production sectors for steels and light alloys. Portable ultrasound detectors, automatic systems and ultrasound transducers.


Vision beyond boundaries

A network of highly qualified and specialized technicians ensures efficient and reliable interventions for Gilardoni equipment worldwide. Preventive maintenance plans and assistance contracts are tailored to meet all customer needs. Gilardoni sends spare parts, accessories and consumables daily to its customers throughout the world, ensuring a precise and widespread service.

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